Congenial Fills In the Gaps for Mascotte & Clermont, FL

Congenial Fills In the Gaps for Mascotte & Clermont, FL

Receive extensive coverage with a Medicare Advantage Plan

Although Medicare subsidizes the cost of general health care, you've realized that your insurance plan doesn't cover surgeries or appointments with specialists. Don't get stung by additional medical fees. Congenial Insurance Agency, Inc. will help you and your significant other open a Medicare Advantage Plan. Our family owned and operated business serves Mascotte, FL and the surrounding areas.

Call us at 877-850-5257 to schedule your initial consultation. We'll help you prepare for the unexpected.

3 reasons to utilize a Medicare Advantage Plan

  1. We provide a fixed copay for visits with primary care physicians (PCPs). However, if you meet with a specialist, you’re responsible for the copay. A Medicare Advantage Plan would offset these costs.
  2. Your Medicare Advantage Plan can alleviate the financial burdens of long-term care.
  3. In the state of Florida, there’s no additional premium for a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Learn more when you contact Congenial. You can depend on our Mascotte experts for insurance advice. Just think of us as your personal Medicare resource.