Get Back On Your Feet With the Help of Congenial

Get Back On Your Feet With the Help of Congenial

Mascotte & Clermont, FL comes to us for disability insurance

Perhaps you were injured on the job. Or maybe you're battling an awful illness. If your ability to work is jeopardized, speak with Congenial Insurance Agency, Inc. We advise Mascotte & Clermont, FL and the surrounding areas. We'll make sure you're receiving the disability insurance benefits you deserve.

Protect your family from financial devastation. All it takes is one unexpected hospital visit to put a dent in your savings.

What will disability insurance cover?

It's possible to plan for the unexpected. Congenial makes disability insurance available to Mascotte & Clermont, FL and beyond. We provide coverage for:

  • Long-term and recurrent disability
  • Catastrophic disability
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Transplant surgery
  • Survivorship

Dial 877-850-5257 to open a disability insurance policy with Mascotte's preferred insurance agents. Our family owned and operated company offers free consultations. We'll even make house calls, so what are you waiting for? Choose Congenial for disability insurance.