Explore the Full Spectrum of Medicare Insurance Options

Explore the Full Spectrum of Medicare Insurance Options

Get the Remedies You Need in Mascotte & Clermont, FL

You've opened a Medicare insurance plan, but you're not sure how to pick up prescriptions. All Medicare recipients are automatically enrolled in Part D coverage - or a prescription drug plan. Your drug plan premium will vary based on your prescription needs. Need help navigating the world of Medicare? Contact Congenial Insurance Agency, Inc. in Mascotte, Florida.

Our insurance agents are knowledgeable and accommodating. We schedule house calls in Mascotte & Clermont, FL and the surrounding areas. Let us come to you - we'll explain the ins and outs of Part D.

The five drug tiers of Medicare

  1. Preferred generic
  2. Generic
  3. Preferred brand
  4. Non-preferred brand
  5. Specialty tier (high-cost drugs that require close monitoring)


You'll receive a prescription card through your Medicare insurance plan. In order to fill your prescriptions, you'll take this card to your local pharmacy. Part D should cover most of your prescription costs, but you'll pay a copay for any additional expenses. Get the most from your insurance plan by calling Congenial at 877-850-5257.